Larry & John,

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for a job well done. Both of you have always exceeded our expectations with our rental properties. From managing, leasing, taking care of repairs etc, you both have been fantastic! Thank you for doing a great job in selling our properties as well! If we ever re-enter the real estate market in Austin again, we will definitely come back to you! It has been a pleasure working with you both! Please feel free to use us as a reference, both verbally and in print. Thanks again and all the best to you both!

Julianne Wasserman

We are small-scale property owners.  We have been genuinely pleased with the management services that John Pendleton has provided.  We have been with him for over two decades.  That should speak to his basic integrity.

Gideon and Andree F. Sjoberg

John & Larry,

Thank you for the opportunity to write this letter of recommendation and endorsement of Prime Properties. In managing our portfolio of over 30 units, you have always demonstrated professionalism and integrity. You have been competent, honest, and made every effort to keep costs at a minimum. Most importantly, when things have gone wrong, you have handled the situation in a timely and satisfactory manner.

We have been thoroughly pleased with Prime Properties and are grateful for our Realtor®’s initial recommendation to consider you as our manager.

We have no doubt your future clients will be similarly pleased with your professional residential management services.

Ron Kaplan

K & S Diversified Investments, Inc.

Dear John,

I wanted to drop you a line and let you know how pleased we’ve been with the service you’ve given us on the properties Prime Properties manages for us.  I appreciate the flexibility you’ve demonstrated in working with us and potential tenants in these difficult economic times, as well as the honesty and integrity you (and your firm) have shown us over the past several years.  I’m sure that those character traits are not lost on potential tenants.

My original purpose in writing you was to thank you for the assistance you gave to one of our employees several months ago. He was buying his first home and was at lost ends on how to proceed. Every time he’d ask me for more advice on financial and/or real estate matters, I respond with “Call John”. Thanks again!

Carl F. Paul

President of Golfsmith

Dear John,

We would like to thank you for your many years of management of our properties.    We asked you to take over management of our properties after we had a bad experience with our previous property manager.  We are very satisfied with your management since you began managing our properties over 20 years ago.  Your tenant selection, property maintenance and expense control have been excellent.  Most of all, we rely on your honesty and integrity.  Communication with you is superb.  I feel that I can call you at any time for your expert opinion.  You have helped me many times by recommending individuals for maintenance projects at my own residence.  I rely on your expertise both in leasing and sales. It makes my life a lot easier not having to worry about those properties.

Ben and Linda Taylor

Over the years we have engaged a couple different management companies.  Prime Properties has shown, hands down, why they are so highly regarded among real estate professionals.  We have been pleased and impressed by the breadth of knowledge of each person we have interacted with there.  We have deeply appreciated the ready communication, something we found sorely lacking at other management companies we’ve engaged.  We know that when we contact Prime Properties, our concerns or questions will be addressed quickly and thoroughly and we will be treated with patience and courtesy throughout, even though we have only one property represented by Prime Properties.  When it comes time to purchase other investment properties, we can’t imagine turning to anyone else to manage them.

Thanks for all your great work.

Joyce and John Sherry

Aloha John and Larry,

As an out-of-state property owner, it is crucial that I can depend on my property management company to help me effectively manage my property and maximize my investment. Over the years, I have encountered several unscrupulous property managers and had to deal with many problems that resulted from their actions as well as their non-actions.

Since partnering with Prime Partners in August 2006, I have regained my sense of trust and appreciation for the management services that you have provided.  I appreciate the fact that my Austin properties are currently 100 % occupied and you are keeping the expenses in check. The monthly income/expense statement for my multiple properties is accurate and easy to comprehend.  One of your best attributes is your availability and responsiveness to my phone calls and emails.

Thank you for your help with these properties. Keep up the good work.

John Meyer

In the six years we have been involved with Prime Properties, I have had occasion to meet and deal with numerous Austin real estate, lending and legal professionals. These contacts have confirmed the sterling reputation of Prime Properties. Despite this, we have been actively solicited to take our business elsewhere. This has never been a consideration for us as we simply receive more competent service for our management dollar with Prime Properties and we trust them without reservation. Should you decide to allow Prime Properties to serve you, you will not regret the decision. We certainly looked upon this time when Prime Properties became our managers as opportune and fortunate.

Stephen J. Smith


I would recommend Prime Properties because of their level of service, honesty and concern for their customers.

Tommy Baker

Vice President and Manager, Bank Trust Department, Austin TX

We have been investment property owners in the Austin area for a period of seven years. Since we live 160 miles away it has been necessary for us to engage an “on hand’ management team to protect our best interests.

Our decision in 1981, on the recommendation of friends, was to employ Prime Properties and its Managing Partner, Mr. John Pendleton to act in our behalf. That decision has never caused us a moment of regret.

Our units have been occupied on an on-going basis. The tenants have been carefully selected. Rents have been collected on time and their disbursement has been made properly and promptly.

When repairs have been necessary Mr. Pendleton and his people have attended to them with dispatch. Our costs in that area have always reflected attention to costs in our behalf. Those visits we have made to our properties have evidenced to us that upkeep is an important part of Prime Properties’ service to its clients

Our seven years experience with the subject company tells us that recommending their services to others is not only our obligation but our distinct pleasure.

Lorand and Joy Tritter

It is our distinct pleasure to highly recommend Mr. John Pendleton and Prime Properties.  We have been clients of Prime Properties for over seven years, and, during this time, have come to appreciate the many talents of this organization and its management team.

We do not live in the vicinity so it is necessary to rely on the judgment and integrity of our property manager.  Without hesitation, I can endorse the actions, decisions and advice given to us by Prime Properties.  We have not had to “second guess” their decisions. The actions taken were obviously based on years of experience, for in every case the results have been on target.

Integrity is an important element in any relationship, be it personal or professional.  We can trust Prime Properties at their word. This extends to the management of our property, the billing of repairs (which are the most reasonable), or advising us on future investments.

Then, too, when dealing in money matters, you look to someone in whom you have confidence, who has a broad breadth of experience and who will give you a forthright answer to the hard questions.  That is why we look to Prime Properties to handle our property. In sum, Prime Properties is a professional, full service management team and it shows.

Paul and Valerie Gosnell

John Pendleton of Prime Properties managed my commercial and residential properties for over 10 years.  He is one of the most honest persons I have ever known.  I trust this reporting and rent collection implicitly.

His maintenance services are reasonably priced and adequate quality. He is normally easy to reach by phone in order to get reports.

John’s many years of leasing expertise are evident, particularly in down market. I believe that you would be very satisfied with his services as a property manager.

LaVada S. Jackson

Since 1983 Prime Properties has been managing the rental of a house I own. They have done an excellent job, balancing my goals, the needs of the tenants, and care of the house. When the house or yard needed normal maintenance or repairs they organized it and provided detailed accounting of the work. When the house needed major repairs – a new roof for example – or the yard needed major work – a new fence for example – Prime Properties consulted me, and providing lists of options and their likely expense, so that I could make informed decisions. The house continues to be managed by Prime Properties. I have no intention of changing. Ever.

Steven Zoraster

Dear Prime Properties,

I wanted to drop you this short note to thank you for your continuing services in regard to my investment properties in Austin. Needless to say, it would be impossible to rent and maintain these homes from my location.

You have shown that your many years in the property management business have taught you well. This is especially apparent in the tenant screening and selection process which increases tenant retention and reduces the wear and tear on my homes associated with new tenant move ins. The quality of this process also makes all of our lives easier because of the reduced need for collections, evictions and associated cost and hassles.

And I get paid on time with accurate reports and accounting. What more could I ask?

Thanks again.

Bruce Friedlander

Dear Prime Properties,

I have been extremely pleased with your service managing my property in Austin. Peace of mind is so important especially as an out of state owner. Your friendly and courteous demeanor always make it easy for me to pick up the phone if I have any concerns, knowing that they will be answered and taken care of. I can not thank you enough.

Alex P.

John Pendleton and Prime Properties have managed my Oak Hill area condo for several years. It has been done well, which is very important to me since I live more than six hundred miles away from Austin. I count on them for getting it rented, taking care of whatever problems arise, and for the maintenance needed. They are also reliable about sending me accounting papers giving information about costs of services and about rent received and then mailing me a monthly check. I would certainly recommend them as honest and dependable property management people.

Ruth Kelley

Dear Prime Properties –

My wife and I have always owned rental properties in and around our own neighborhood in California. Because we have always invested locally and managed our own homes, there had never been a need to use a property management company. We had always thought about purchasing investment homes in other parts of the country but we were always hesitant since we would have to rely on others to manage them. Not to mention, one that would be 2-3 states away and at best a 4 hour plane flight away. In the late fall of 2006 we came across an amazing opportunity for a home in the Round Rock area. Along with all the paper work and working with our local agent we had to quickly determine which property management company would get our business. My wife talked to our Round Rock Real Estate agent and she provided us with 2-3 management companies in the area. After the initial preliminary calls my wife was very pleased with the information and rapport she built with John Pendleton with Prime Properties. I also called and spoke with John several times before making a final decision. For us, being as far away as we are in California, we needed a firm that was well experienced in the market and knew the trends and potential risks. John’s group took care of everything and for a investor out of state, they had perfect answers to sometimes the most daunting questions. We looked at the property management company as a true partner in business with us and one that we had to count on.

Overall we have been very pleased with our partnership with Prime Properties and would recommend them to anyone that is seeking a well organized and professional group.

Thanks Prime Properties!

Bill and Michelle McHargue

Milpitas CA

John’s clients always come first. It is with pleasure that I recommend Prime Properties. You will be very pleased with their efforts.

Carl Hardin, III

I live in California and finding a reliable company to handle my business affairs was a major concern. During my association with Prime Properties I have found them to be totally reliable in all aspects of my business. As a CPA and professional in the finance field, I am very cost conscious. As such, I appreciate their efforts to monitor all costs, as well as their integrity in the handling of collections and the maintenance services they provide. I would highly recommend Prime Properties’ services.

Frances Graham


I have been most pleased with Prime Properties’ services, especially with their expertise in the maintenance of the properties. In addition to quality service, their management and maintenance costs are quite reasonable. I have lived abroad most of the time my property has been rented and therefore it has been impossible for me to visit Austin and inspect it. All this time, however, my mind has been at ease, as I have found that Prime Properties can be trusted to manage the rentals and oversee the upkeep of my properties.

Mr. Pendleton has additionally acted as my real estate broker in the sale of one of my properties in Austin. This sale was accomplished in a most satisfactory manner.

I have found Mr. Pendleton completely honest, reliable, sincere and very helpful in making suggestions for the improvement of my property.

I can recommend Mr. Pendleton for real estate property management and brokerage activities without hesitation.

George W Varnum

Prime Properties’ management abilities, contacts, advertising, and care keep my property in good condition and well rented. I appreciate their promptness and interest in the management of my investments.

Sigrid Smith

Dear John/Prime Properties,

Bob and I both appreciate the careful and professional way you have handled our property for the past ten or twelve years.

James Greer


We became acquainted with John Pendleton, managing Partner of Prime Properties, about six or eight years ago. At that time he was asked to lease and manage rental property for us when we moved away from Austin.

We were very impressed by his ability to secure reliable renters in a short length of time at a rate that we thought was reasonable.

About two years ago we asked him to again take over some rental property in Austin at a time when it was not so easy to rent, and the property itself was such a unique house that we were very anxious to have the proper sort of renters.

Once again John came through with flying colors and secured renters for us.

Not only does John have excellent leasing abilities, but the maintenance services he provides for the rental property we have is exceptionally reasonably priced and very dependable.

Perhaps most important of John’s attributes is his forthrightness and honesty in dealing with us.  We have found him to be very up front about every aspect.  He is also outstanding in paying attention to small details.

For all the above reasons, we would like to heartily recommend John Pendleton to anyone who is seeking someone with excellent leasing and management skills.

Gordon Mayes and Carol C. Sadler

I would highly recommend Prime Properties for property management.  I have had nothing but completer satisfaction with their services.

I have been especially pleased with their prompt maintenance services (their employees are friendly and very efficient and I have had them repair my personal residence and it saved me money.)  Their selection of renters has been excellent (much better than when I tried to rent for myself).

I can’t add too much more except that Prime Properties is a quality firm and I would highly recommend them for any type of property management.

Stephen D. Wilson

Prime Properties (John Pendleton et al) has managed rental properties for me since the early 1980’s.  During that period I have developed great respect for their judgment, integrity, and business skills. They have exercised prudence in leasing the properties and in control of maintenance costs. Based on my experience, I can certainly recommend them as an honest, hard working and knowledgeable organization.

J. H. Henson

Dear John/ Prime Properties,

As Investors, Connie and I want to express our appreciation to you and your staff for your conscientious management of our property during the past three years.  You certainly have demonstrated reliability and careful attention to maintenance details and have provided a prompt, clear documented record of income and expenditures.  Many thanks for your professional expertise and continued assistance.

Joy Ingalls

I feel that Prime Properties has done exceptional job in managing my property. They keep me up to date with a clear and concise accounting statement every month.  They have done an excellent job of keeping my property rented even in a slow Austin Economy.

I feel that anyone who needs professional management services would be very satisfied using Prime Properties.  I have used them for the past five years and I can recommend them very highly.

R. Steven Ballback


Dear John Pendleton / Prime Properties,

I am delighted to be able to recommend you to other potential clients for management of property.  I found that you have been responsive to my needs quickly and have maintained the property and managed it well.  I felt that you’ve been honest and straight forward in dealing with me about the realistic cost of improving the property for renting as well as cost involved in getting clients into the property.  I would certainly recommend you to other people and look forward to accumulating some other rental properties to have you manage.

William Race



Dear Prospective Clients,We at Prime Properties are very proud of the trust we have been given by our friends and clients, doctors, lawyers, professors, professional investors, engineers, bankers, financial planners, Realtors®, military officers, CPAs, CEOs and everyone else.An extensive list of references and letters of recommendation are available upon your request.

We look forward to meeting with you or your clients to discuss our services and fees. We welcome your referrals and recommendations. We want to be your property managers!


John Pendleton & Larry Parks

General Partners

Prime Partners LLP

d/b/a Prime Properties




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