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Repair Requests – Please fill out the submission form to request a repair.

Please review lease provisions as they control the nature of landlord – tenant relationships. We want to make your experience with Prime Properties of Austin as good as possible.

  1. Making Payments –  Payments can be made through our door slot (NO CASH!) at our office or mailed to P.O. Box 26279, Austin, Texas 78755. In addition, payments can be made through our  Online Payments Page which allows payments made by check or credit card with associated processing fees. Online payments are deemed received by us on the date they are initiated for purposes of assessing late fees.      
  2. Maintenance Requests – Property management involves repairing items promptly. Each request needs to be documented either by a faxed request or Email Repair Request. This is used to initiate the process in assigning a vendor to address the problem. At Prime Properties we strive to do our best in addressing your maintenance requests. Emergency After Hours Number (512) 860-2829.
  3. Late Fees – We prefer that rents be paid on time as this allows us to process and deposit them in a more efficient fashion. When rent is not timely paid, your property manager is forced to expend time and effort that normally would not be needed. This involves discussions with owners on rent collection efforts, additional trips to the bank to deposit late rents, additional accounting efforts, calls and letters to tenants to collect rents, drafting and filing law suits for eviction, reporting past due accounts to collections, executing Writs of Possession, and completing the cycle of re-renting the property. We prefer to not assess late fees and can do this with the help of cooperating tenants. Late fees are assessed in order to pay for the additional labor required to accomplish all of the above. We don’t like late fees any more than our residents do; however, only the resident has the power to avoid them by honoring their agreement to timely pay rent. Please help us to keep your costs at a minimum and maximize your experience by paying on time.
  4. Vacate Notices – When a resident is going to vacate a unit, they must give timely notice of their intent to vacate. In essence, this must be done in writing and delivered to our offices no later than the last day of the month preceding the move out month. For example, one would need to deliver their move out notice no later than the end of June for a move-out date at the end of July. The vacate notice requirements are important to initiate planning for our move out procedures. Our ability to accomplish these tasks rests on our confirmation of when a resident is moving out. Failure to provide a timely vacate notice may result in an additional month’s rent charge being assessed. We recommend vacate notices be dated and properly documented to avoid misunderstandings on compliance with this lease obligation.
  5. Deposit Refunds – Deposit refunds are typically done on or before the last day of the month following the month in which a resident vacates their unit. One hundred percent of a deposit will be refunded provided a tenant complies with providing a timely vacate notice, has no unpaid charges (late fees/rent arrearages, etc.), returns keys and remote control devices as applicable, and leaves the unit in the same condition they found it in – clean and free of rubbish. To the extent the above conditions are not met, damage items and charges will be applied against the security deposit, subject to “normal wear and tear.” If charges exceed the amount of a security deposit, a statement of said charges will be mailed to the last known address of the resident and, following 10 days of non-payment, account balances will be submitted to collection agencies for collection and reporting to national credit bureaus. We want to avoid reporting derogatory data on a tenant’s credit report; however, only former residents have the power to accomplish this by paying what is owed.




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